“Fridays in Residency”

Fridays at 4:00, we feature a different teacher

with a special class every month.

November: Strengthen and Unlock to Fly with Eleonora!

First week: lower body and hamstring strengthening, second week, work on lower back, chest and shoulders, third week, hips and last week, Intro to Acro Flow, and fly into bird pose.

(Friday after thanksgiving will be special

Post- Holiday Detox Flow with Bridget)


“Insights into the Soul:”

Exploring Numerology in Kundalini Yoga with Breane Wood

Numerology is a branch of study that deals with numbers, their meaning, and how that meaning relates us in this lifetime. Seeking the truth, behind this language of the universe, can help us uncover predestined truths about ourselves.

Although different schools of numerology coexist, we will be focusing on yogic numerology, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. We will open the workshop with a kundalini kriya to help bring our 10 bodies into balance. Then using our birthdates we will explore and gain insight into our personal numbers, along with receiving an individual meditation to help further this work.

You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of your soul’s journey, what your personal obstacles are in this life, and the gifts you were given to help fulfill your destiny.

Saturday, November 17 1-3 pm

$25 Register HERE


Ode to the Moon Live Music Flow; Anatomy of your Soul

Join Eleonora and Allison in this live music class focused on nurturing creativity. Inspired by the cycle of the moon, we will reflect upon and purge ourselves of unnecesary holding and embrace our vulnerability and darkness. You will connect to your inner power in order to let go of unsupportive habits and practices. This flowing hip and heart-opening sequence is an emotional inner journey to learn how your yoga practice can heal both body and soul.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to 180 Turning Lives Around.

Saturday, December 1, 1:30-3PM

$25 Register HERE