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Summer Solstice Free Practice

Join us this Friday morning, June 21 at 6 AM on the Navesink River

to celebrate the Summer solstice;

the official start of summer and the longest day of the year. 

108 Sun Salutations, plus a short Kundalini Kriya,

ending with twelve rolling OMS!

With Kristin and Breane.

Friday 6 am Fair Haven Community Dock (end of Fair Haven Road)

(At Synergy in case of rain)

"Take me to the River..."


Stand-Up Paddle!

Wednesday Evening SUP and SIP, 5:30-7:30 PM

Paddle lesson/tour on Navesink River

followed by cocktails on the beach with Kristin and Jen.

June 26, July 24, Aug 28

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Saturday Morning SUP Yoga, 9:00-10:30 am

Yoga practice on an anchored Paddleboard

followed by sweet sunny savasana with Kristin.

June 22, July 20, Aug 24

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Fridays in Residency

Fridays at 4:00, we feature a different teacher

with a special class every month.

May: Active Recovery Flow for Athletes with Ali

Yoga enhances training through increased balance, strength, flexibility and

mobility. It speeds recovery and reduces the rate of injury, and also

influences the central nervous system as the body and mind learn to work

together more fluidly. Gains in power, speed and mental toughness are

invaluable to an athlete in the heat of competition or the end of a long

training session. Breath work improves concentration and the ability to

remain calm in the face of intensity.

This month features a 60-minute balanced body practice, designed for

athletes and ideal for anyone who wants to move well. We will begin the

month with a foundational sequence, and build week to week

Week 1: Sequence Foundation

Week 2: Core

Week 3: Shoulders, Chest & Upper Back

Week 4: IT Band, Quads & Hamstrings

Week 5: Hip Strength & Flexibility

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Goat Yoga

Lay your mat in the field. Try to pay attention to
yoga while baby goats climb on you, push you over
and generally cause a ruckus!

Taught by Synergy and Hot and Soul Teachers

Tuesday Evenings and Saturday mornings at Oasis Tlc Farm.

Info and Registration HERE.