Whatever your sport, Hot Yoga will give you an edge.

The heat makes muscles more pliable and elastic allowing for deeper, safer stretching. It also causes blood vessels to dilate so more blood and oxygen is delivered to the muscles and the heart works harder for a more cardiovascular workout.

Hot Yoga helps athletes in the following ways:

  1. Injury Prevention.  Hot yoga helps strengthen muscles and ligaments that surround and support vulnerable joints and equalizing muscle imbalances formed by years of sport specific training.  
  2. Improved flexibility.  More flexibility means better range of motion for more effective training and improved performance.  A study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that eight weeks of hot yoga sessions increased flexibility in the trunk, hips, hamstrings and shoulders, while improving deadlift strength. 
  3. Better balance.  Improving balance and coordination means enhanced control over how you move your body which leads to better technique and form…”the brass ring every athlete spends a career refining, whether your focus is a swim stroke, golf swing, running stride, jump shot or wrestling move.” According to ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll.
  4. Active Recovery and Muscle Repair. Using yoga as a form of active recovery can actually help repair muscle fibers, as the combination of stretching and relaxing muscles encourages blood flow to broken down muscle tissues, allowing you to come back stronger foryour next workout.
  5. Breath Control.  Athletes who practice yoga learn to to manage their breath — maximizing oxygen intake and energy for training and competition
  6. Mind Control. Yoga teaches you to train your mind to stay present and focused on the task at hand, to maintain equanimityunder pressure and stay positive in stressful situations. 

At Synergy, we specialize in Yoga for Athletes.  Call us if you'd like to arrange a private class for your team.  We work with local high school and college soccer, lacrosse and track teams and help runners, cyclists, surfers, tennis players and golfers improve their games.