Classes are heated to varying degrees.  All hot yoga classes help reduce stress, enhance balance and flexibility, increase strength and restore vitality.

Hot 26 | 90 minutes, 105 degrees

Classic Bikram beginners sequence (that does not mean it’s easy!): 26 postures and two breathing exercises, each repeated twice, always in the same order, designed to work every muscle, joint, ligament, tendon, gland, and organ in the body. Students of all levels welcome.

Hot 26 Express | 60 minutes, 105 degrees

Expedited version of Hot 26 ; some poses not repeated twice. Students of all levels welcome.

Silent "Hot Rock" | 80 minutes, 105 degrees

Hot 26 Class, with music and no talking. Students must be familiar with sequence (at least 10 Hot 26 sessions) before taking this class.

Power Vinyasa | 60, 75 or 90 minutes, 90-95 degrees

 Varying and flowing sequences of postures designed to promote upper and lower body strength, balance, and flexibility. Fluid cardiovascular movements are connected by your breath. Each teacher has his/ her unique style.  Students of all levels welcome.

Warm Ashtanga | 90 minutes, 85-90 degrees

Vinyasa with a specific sequence of postures utilizing dynamic breathing (ujjayi) along with strong, flowing movements creating internal heat to match the external heat of the room. Intermediate level.

Lunch Express | 45 minutes, NOT HOT

A shorter version of our Power Vinyasa classes without the heat.  Students of all levels welcome.

Restorative | 75 minutes, 80 degrees

A unique, gentle style of yoga that is designed to mindfully open the body and heart, calm the mind, induce deep states of consciousness, and help one manifest desires. This is accomplished through a combination of long-held, passive postures, the systematic use of Essential Oils, and guided Yoga Nidra meditation.  This class is perfect for yoga beginners, and also experienced practitioners who wish to explore a slower-paced, healing practice.

Firebird Hot Pilates | 60 minutes, 80-85 degrees

"Firebirds" is a hybrid Pilates class using traditional peak pilates mat exercises to stabilize and strengthen your core by allowing the heat of the room to relax the supporting muscles. We work on small controlled movements with the mantra of "quality, not quantity.'  Students of all levels welcome.

Beginners | 60 minutes, 85-90 degrees

This is a basic Introduction for Vinyasa classes.  You will learn the proper alignment and transitional flow poses in order to be comfortable in a power vinyasa class.

Full Moon Meditation | 60 minutes, NOT HOT

This special class happens once a month on a Sunday night nearest the full moon.  There will be minimal gentle stretching followed by a 30 minute guided yoga nidra meditation.  Students of all levels welcome.